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Disease relevance of Constipation


Psychiatry related information on Constipation


High impact information on Constipation

  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of methylnaltrexone, the first peripheral opioid receptor antagonist, in treating chronic methadone-induced constipation [11].
  • Constipation (15%) and headaches (10%) were most frequent complaints for verapamil vs fatigue (18%) and dizziness (7%) for propranolol [12].
  • Eight of the loperamide-treated subjects experienced constipation compared with one in the bismuth subsalicylate-treated group; otherwise, there was no difference in minor side effects experienced between both treatment groups [13].
  • Nonresponders were randomized to either 5 weekly biofeedback sessions (n = 54) or polyethylene glycol 14.6-29.2 g/day plus 5 weekly counseling sessions in preventing constipation (n = 55) [14].
  • The mRNA expression of Galpha q was lower and the progesterone receptors were overexpressed in patients with chronic constipation compared with controls [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Constipation

  • Novel approaches include alosetron; a 5-HT(3) antagonist, tegaserod, a partial 5-HT(4) agonist, kappa-opioid agonists, and neurokinin antagonists to address the remaining challenging symptoms of pain, constipation, and bloating [16].
  • The distribution of serotonin and dopamine beta-hydroxylase was examined in sigmoid colon specimens from patients with severe idiopathic constipation and control patients with carcinoma of the rectum or colon [17].
  • Prucalopride accelerates gastrointestinal and colonic transit in patients with constipation without a rectal evacuation disorder [18].
  • Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate in constipation [19].
  • The results were related to mouth-to-caecum (MCTT) and large bowel transit times (LBTTs) in 4 groups of 8 individuals: (1) non-acromegalic controls, (2) acromegalics untreated with octreotide, (3) acromegalics on long-term octreotide, and (4) patients with constipation [20].

Biological context of Constipation


Anatomical context of Constipation


Gene context of Constipation


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Constipation


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