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Keratin expression in the normal anal canal.

The pattern of epithelial keratin expression in the normal anal canal has not been extensively defined and is a necessary prerequisite to the interpretation of alterations in these intermediate filaments in pathological anal epithelial lesions. Thirty-five frozen tissue specimens of resected haemorrhoids were investigated immunohistologically for expression of 14 individual keratins (K) using a panel of 17 monoclonal antibodies. Perianal skin showed basal expression of keratinocyte Ks 5, 14 and 17, and suprabasal expression of keratinocyte Ks 14, 10, 1 and 16. Anal squamous epithelium showed persistent basal K5 and 17, basal and suprabasal K4, 13 and 16 positivity, with sporadic expression of K1 and 10. The expression of simple epithelial keratins in squamous epithelium adjacent to the anal transitional zone varied with basal expression of K7, K8, K18 and K19 and sporadic suprabasal expression of K7 and K19. The anal transitional zone (ATZ) expressed K19, as found in transitional epithelia elsewhere. The full thickness of epithelium was positive for the simple epithelial Ks 7, 8 18 and 19. Marked heterogeneity of keratinocyte keratin expression was seen. Basal layers expressed Ks 4, 13, 14 and 17 and variably K16, while suprabasal layers expressed Ks 4 and 13, 14 and 17 and variably K16, while suprabasal layers expressed Ks 4 and 13 and variably K14, 16 and 17. This anomalous expression of keratinocyte K4 and 13 has also been documented in transitional epithelium of the bladder. The anal glands and ducts showed a keratin distribution similar to the transition zone.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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