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Antibodies to synovial antigens in recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis.

OBJECTIVE. To identify synovial antigens that bind to serum antibodies from subjects with recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis ( RA) (< 6 months of synovitis). METHODS. Soluble and insoluble fractions of Triton X-100 extracts of RA and normal synovial tissue, and normal spleen and placenta, were immunoblotted with sera from 27 patients with recent-onset RA, 13 autoimmune disease control subjects, and 13 blood bank control donors. Bound immunoglobulin was probed with 125I-labeled protein A. RESULTS. Antibodies in the sera of 20 (74%) patients with recent-onset RA recognized at least 1 of 5 antigens in both a disease- and tissue-specific and nonspecific manner. Anti-La antibodies, usually associated with primary Sjögren's syndrome, were detected in 2 sera. Eight sera had increased reactivity to an IgG heavy and light chain dimer. There was strong binding of 8 sera with a 35-kd doublet and of 3 sera with a 55-kd species in RA and normal synovial lysates (insoluble fractions). Two sera uniquely recognized a 45-kd protein only in the RA synovial lysate (soluble fraction). CONCLUSION. IgG antibodies in the sera of patients with recent-onset RA show positive immunoblots for 3 novel synovial antigens of 35-kd, 55-kd, and 45-kd, as well as for 2 previously characterized antigens (La and IgG). Thus, a variety of synovial antigens appear to be recognized by B cells even early in the clinical course of RA.[1]


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