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Attenuation of postmenopausal high turnover bone loss in patients with hypoparathyroidism.

To elucidate the role of PTH in postmenopausal bone loss, we studied 33 postmenopausal patients who received total thyroidectomy due to thyroid carcinoma. Among these patients, 13 were patients with hypoparathyroid function (HPf), and 20 retained normal parathyroid function (NPf) after thyroidectomy. Bone mineral density (BMD), the rate of BMD loss, and incidence of spinal deformity as well as varying bone metabolic markers were analyzed in all patients. The age-matched BMD was clearly higher, and the incidence of spinal deformity was significantly lower in HPf than in NPf. The rate of BMD loss in HPf was significantly lower than in NPf during the early postmenopausal period (within 5 yr after menopause; mean +/- SD, -0.567 +/- 3.05% vs. -2.49 +/- 1.86%/yr, P < 0.05). In contrast, the rates were similar between the two groups during the late postmenopausal period (> 5 yr after menopause). Bone metabolic markers indicated that an accelerated bone turnover occurred during the early postmenopausal period in NPf, but not in HPf. These results suggest that the hypoparathyroid condition provides protection against age-related bone loss. This is due in part to attenuation of the high turnover bone loss that occurs early in menopause.[1]


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