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Altered brain contents of neuropeptides in spontaneously epileptic rats (SER) and tremor rats with absence seizures.

Immunoreactive- (IR-) somatostatin (SRIF), neuropeptide Y (NPY) and corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) contents were investigated in the brain of tremor rats with absence-like seizure and spontaneously epileptic rats (SER), which is a genetically defined double-mutant (zi/zi, tm/tm) obtained by mating zitter homozygote (zi/zi) with tremor heterozygote (tm/+) and shows both absence-like seizure and tonic convulsions. Increased levels of IR-NPY and IR-CRF were observed in several regions including the amygdala and hippocampus in homozygous SER compared to heterozygous SER (zi/zi, tm/+ or +/+). Homozygous tremor rats (tm/tm) showed lower levels of IR-NPY and IR-CRF contents mainly in the hippocampus and mesolimbic system (entorhinal and pyriform cortex and nucleus accumbens) than heterozygous tremor rats. IR-SRIF contents of homozygous SER were higher in frontal cortex than heterozygous SER and in amygdala than homozygous tremor rats. No change of IR-SRIF between groups was noted in the hippocampus among brain structures underlying epileptogenicity. The results suggest that the change of neuropeptide levels, most conspicuous in NPY among three peptides tested, may be involved in the phenotypical manifestation of seizures in SER and tremor rats, and that the development of tonic convulsion and absence seizures may be differently associated with the change of brain neuropeptide levels.[1]


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