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Constitutive and inducible expression of heat shock protein HSP72 in oligodendrocytes in culture.

The stress-induced HSP72 expression in bovine oligodendrocytes (OL) in culture was investigated following exposure to heat stress, oxidative stress and cytokines by immunoblotting and immunocytochemistry. Under the unstressed condition, HSP72 was expressed in a small number (3%) of OL. After exposure to heat stress, the level of HSP72 expression in OL was elevated significantly and an intense HSP72 immunolabelling was identified in almost all OL, while HSP72 was not induced by exposure to hydrogen peroxide (10 microM) or glucose oxidase (20 mU ml-1). The level of HSP72 expression was not elevated by treatment with interleuken (IL)-1 alpha (10 ng ml-1), IL-1 beta (10 ng ml-1), tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha (200 ng ml-1), or TNF-beta (200 ng ml-1). Our results indicate that HSP72 is upregulated in cultured bovine OL by heat stress but not by oxidative stress or cytokines such as IL-1 and TNF.[1]


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