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Gene Review

LTA  -  lymphotoxin alpha

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of LTA

  • Among the agents likely to be present in such supernatants are monocyte-derived tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) and lymphocyte-derived tumor necrosis factor (TNF-beta) (lymphotoxin), both of which have recently been shown to stimulate bone resorption in organ culture [1].

High impact information on LTA

  • These experiments suggest that TNF-alpha and TNF-beta stimulate bone resorption through a primary effect on osteoblastic cells, which are induced by TNF to produce a factor that stimulates osteoclastic resorption [1].
  • To identify the mechanism of action of these agents, we compared bone resorption by isolated osteoclasts with bone resorption by osteoclasts cocultured with osteoblastic cells, and with bone resorption by osteoclasts incubated with supernatants from osteoblastic cells, in the presence and absence of recombinant TNF-alpha and TNF-beta [1].
  • We found that neither TNF-alpha nor TNF-beta had any significant effect on bone resorption by isolated osteoclasts, but in the presence of osteoblasts the agents caused a twofold to threefold stimulation of bone resorption [1].
  • Only lectins with an affinity for fucose (UeA, LTA) failed to bind to the ROSs and COS [2].
  • The level of HSP72 expression was not elevated by treatment with interleuken (IL)-1 alpha (10 ng ml-1), IL-1 beta (10 ng ml-1), tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha (200 ng ml-1), or TNF-beta (200 ng ml-1) [3].

Anatomical context of LTA

  • RT-PCR analysis of cytokine expression by T cell lines which were dominated by gammadelta T cells revealed expression of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, TNF-beta, IL-2Ralpha transcripts [4].
  • The determinations of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in dentine showed no significant differences between LTA, muffle furnace ashing (MFA), and wet ashing [5].

Associations of LTA with chemical compounds


Other interactions of LTA

  • The CD25 expression in PBMC from newborn calves was also enhanced by pretreatment with IL-1beta, TNF-beta and IFN-gamma [6].


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