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Complex gangliosides modulate the integrin-mediated adhesion in a rat hepatoma cell line.

In this study, we investigated whether complex gangliosides influence cell adhesion by modulating the activity of integrin receptors. Our experimental model was represented by CMH5123 cells, a line of neoplastic hepatocytes derived from the minimal deviation Morris hepatoma 5123c of the rat, which adhered to substrata coated with fetal calf serum (FCS) by an integrin-mediated mechanism, being vitronectin the specific serum protein which sustained cell adhesion. We found that ganglioside depletion, obtained by inhibiting complex ganglioside biosynthesis, was accompanied by a reduction of cell adhesiveness to FCS-coated substrata. Integrins appeared to mediate the effect of ganglioside depletion on cell adhesiveness. In fact, sensitivity to the integrin inhibitor GRGDSPC peptide was ten times higher in ganglioside-depleted cells compared to control cells. Moreover, growth of ganglioside-depleted CMH5123 cells in media supplemented with complex gangliosides restored the cell sensitivity to the integrin inhibitor to the same level as that found in control cells. Furthermore, ganglioside depletion of CMH5123 cells decreased the affinity of vitronectin receptors for vitronectin without modifying their number, affinity of vitronectin receptors was re-established in ganglioside-depleted cells by supplementing their growth media with complex gangliosides. In conclusion, these results support the participation of gangliosides to cell adhesion as modulators of integrin receptors.[1]


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