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Identification of both NK1 and NK2 receptors in guinea-pig airways.

1. NK1 and NK2 receptors have been characterized in guinea-pig lung membrane preparations by use of [125I-Tyr8]-substance P and [125I]-neurokinin A binding assays in conjunction with tachykinin-receptor selective agonists ([Sar9Met(O2)11]substance P for NK1 and [beta Ala8]neurokinin A (4-10) for NK2) and antagonists (CP-99,994 for NK1 and SR48968 for NK2). 2. The presence of high affinity, G-protein-coupled NK1 receptors in guinea-pig lung parenchymal membranes has been confirmed. The rank order of affinity for competing tachykinins was as predicted for an NK1 receptor: substance P = [Sar9Met(O2)11]substance P > substance P-methyl ester = physalaemin > neurokinin A = neurokinin B >> [beta Ala8]neurokinin A (4-10). The novel NK1 antagonist CP-99,994 has a Ki of 0.4 nM at this NK1 site. 3. In order to characterize [125I]-neurokinin A binding to guinea-pig lung, the number of [125I]-neurokinin A specific binding sites was increased 3-4 fold by purification of the parenchymal membranes over discontinuous sucrose gradients. The rank order of affinity determined for NK1- and NK2-receptor agonists and antagonists in competition for these sites showed that the majority (80%) of [125I]-neurokinin A specific binding was also to the NK1 receptor. 4. Under conditions where the guinea-pig lung parenchymal NK1 receptor was fully occupied by a saturating concentration of either [Sar9Met(O2)11]substance P (1 microM) or CP-99,994 (2.7 microM), residual [125I]-neurokinin A specific binding was inhibited in a concentration-dependent manner by both [beta Ala8]neurokinin A and SR48968. This result shows that the NK2 receptor is also present in these preparations.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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