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MyoD expression marks the onset of skeletal myogenesis in Myf-5 mutant mice.

The expression pattern of myogenic regulatory factors and myotome-specific contractile proteins was studied during embryonic development of Myf-5 mutant mice by in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry. In contrast to somites in wild-type embryos, no expression of myogenin and Myf-6 (MRF4), or any other myotomal markers was detected in mutant animals at E9.0 and E10.0 indicating that Myf-5 plays a crucial role during this developmental period. Significantly, the onset of MyoD expression in rostral somites of E10.5 embryos was unaffected by the Myf-5 mutation suggesting that the activation of the MyoD gene occurs independently of Myf-5 at the correct developmental time. Immediately after the activation of MyoD myogenin transcripts and protein accumulated within the myotome. The first contractile proteins of the sarcomeric apparatus appeared slightly later. By E11.5 the expression of muscle markers were indistinguishable between wild-type and Myf-5 mutant mice. The migration of muscle precursor cells that leave the somites to form limb musculature was monitored in Myf-5-mutant mice by Pax-3 expression. Pax-3-positive cells were equally found in somites and limbs of E10.0 wild-type and mutant mice indicating that myogenic factor expression at the level of somites is not a prerequisite for determination and subsequent migration of limb precursor cells.[1]


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