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The conserved Schizosaccharomyces pombe kinase plo1, required to form a bipolar spindle, the actin ring, and septum, can drive septum formation in G1 and G2 cells.

We have identified a Schizosaccharomyces pombe gene with homology to the budding yeast gene CDC5, the Drosophila gene polo, and the mammalian family of genes encoding polo-like kinases. Disruption of this gene, plo1+, indicates that it is essential. Loss of plo1+ function leads to a mitotic arrest in which condensed chromosomes are associated with a monopolar spindle or to the failure of septation following the completion of nuclear division. In the latter case, cells show a failure both in the formation of an F-actin ring and in the deposition of septal material, suggesting that plo1+ function is required high in the regulatory cascade that controls septation. The overexpression of plo1+ in wild-type cells also results in the formation of monopolar spindles but also induces the formation of multiple septa without nuclear division. Septation can also be induced in the absence of mitotic commitment and concomitant spindle formation by the overexpression of plo1+ in cdc25-22 or cdc2-33 cells arrested in G2; in G1 cells arrested at Start by the cdc10-V50 mutation, or in cells lacking the cyclin B homolog cdc13 that undergo repeated S phases in the absence of mitosis.[1]


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