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Gene Review

plo1  -  Polo kinase Plo1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on plo1

  • Loss of plo1+ function leads to a mitotic arrest in which condensed chromosomes are associated with a monopolar spindle or to the failure of septation following the completion of nuclear division [1].
  • The overexpression of plo1+ in wild-type cells also results in the formation of monopolar spindles but also induces the formation of multiple septa without nuclear division [1].
  • The fission yeast plo1(+) gene encodes a polo-like kinase, a member of a conserved family of kinases which play multiple roles during the cell cycle [2].
  • A link between Plo1 and the septum initiating network (SIN) has been suggested by the inability of plo1 Delta cells to septate and the prolific septation following plo1(+) overexpression [3].
  • SIN signaling is regulated by the polo-like kinase plo1p and by cdc2p, the initiator of mitosis, and its activation is co-ordinated with other events in mitosis to ensure that cytokinesis does not begin until chromosomes have been separated [4].

Biological context of plo1

  • Hyper-activating mutations in either cut12 or plo1 enable Cdc25-defective cells to enter mitosis [5].

Other interactions of plo1

  • Using this screen, mutations in all the previously described septation initiation network genes were obtained, with the exception of byr4, sid4 and plo1 [6].


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