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Molecular characterization of two Drosophila guanylate cyclases expressed in the nervous system.

We have isolated, by interspecies hybridization, two classes of Drosophila cDNA each encoding a different guanylate cyclase (GC). One of them encodes an alpha subunit homolog of soluble GC, designated DGC alpha 1, and the other encodes a receptor-type GC, designated DrGC. The dgc alpha 1 cDNA encodes a protein of 676 amino acids and maps to 99B. In situ hybridization to adult tissue sections showed that dgc alpha 1 mRNA is found mainly in the cell bodies of the optic lobe, central brain, and thoracic ganglia. The DGC alpha 1 protein was also localized primarily to the nervous system by immunocytochemical staining, consistent with results of in situ hybridization. However, no detectable expression of this protein was found in the retina. The other class of cDNA, drgc, maps to 76C and encodes a 1525-amino acid protein displaying structural features similar to other known receptor-type guanylate cyclases. However, it has a C-terminal 430 amino acid region that has no homology to any known proteins. drgc RNA is expressed at low levels throughout development and in adult heads and bodies. In situ hybridizations to adult tissue sections showed that drgc mRNA is expressed in a wide range of tissues, including the optic lobe, central brain, thoracic ganglia, digestive tract, and the oocyte.[1]


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