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Cloning of a putative human voltage-gated chloride channel ( CIC-2) cDNA widely expressed in human tissues.

We have cloned a cDNA from the human epithelial cell line T84 whose predicted amino acid sequence shows 93.9% identity with rat CIC-2. Mapping by somatic cell hybrids and polymerase chain reaction localizes the gene corresponding to this cDNA to chromosome 3q26-qter. The major transcription start site assessed by RNA primer extension is 100 nt upstream of the putative translation initiation codon. Analysis of the 5' flanking sequence revealed a high GC content and lack of common transcriptional elements such as TATA and CCAAT boxes. Northern blot analysis indicated wide organ distribution including tissues affected in cystic fibrosis ( CF) and expression in an airway epithelial cell line derived from a CF patient. The high degree of sequence similarity and similar tissue distribution to rat CIC-2 suggests that this cDNA encodes the human CIC-2 voltage-gated chloride channel. Since this chloride channel is present in epithelial tissues it may be amenable to manipulation to circumvent the chloride secretion defect observed in CF.[1]


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