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Modification of isolated subunit c of the F1Fo-ATPase from Propionigenium modestum by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.

Subunit c of the F1Fo-ATPase from Propionigenium modestum was extracted from the particulate cell fraction with chloroform/methanol. The protein was further purified by carboxymethyl cellulose chromatography and anion exchange HPLC in the organic solvent. SDS-PAGE of the purified protein indicated a single stained protein band migrating as expected for the c-subunit. Incubation of isolated subunit c in chloroform/methanol or aqueous buffer containing dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside with [14C]dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCCD) resulted in the incorporation of radioactivity into the protein. The rate of this reaction depended on the external pH; it was significantly faster in the more acidic than in the alkaline pH range. In the presence of Na+ subunit c was partially protected from labeling with [14C]DCCD at pH 6.1 and at pH 7.5, whereas no protection was evident at pH 5. 5. At pH 7.5, the rate of subunit c labeling by [14C]DCCD in the presence of 20 mM NaCl was about 50% lower than in the absence of Na+ ions. The isolated c-subunit therefore apparently retains in part the Na+ binding site which, when occupied, diminishes the reactivity of the protein towards DCCD.[1]


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