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Muscle homeodomain protein MHox inhibits ternary complex formation at the c-fos serum response element.

The Serum Response Element in the c-fos promoter is the target of growth factor-regulated signal transduction pathways. The ternary complex of Serum Response Element-binding protein Serum Response Factor and its accessory protein Ternary Complex Factor are important for transcriptional stimulation of the c-fos promoter in fibroblasts. However, this promoter is repressed in differentiating muscle cells. We discovered that MHox, a muscle homeodomain protein, was capable of inhibiting formation of the ternary complex by direct physical interaction between MHox and Serum Response Factor accessory protein-1 ( SAP-1), one member of the Ternary Complex Factor family of proteins. Furthermore, exogenous MHox protein inhibited serum-inducibility of a Serum Response Element-dependent reporter gene in permeabilized fibroblasts. Taken together, these results imply that MHox is involved in blocking mitogenic signals during myogenesis.[1]


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