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Genetic map of eight microsatellite markers comprising two linkage groups on rat chromosome 6.

Five genes and three anonymous DNA loci were mapped to rat chromosome 6 by genetic linkage and somatic cell hybrid analyses. The eight loci were all identified by PCR-based microsatellite polymorphism analysis and were characterized in 40 F2 intercross progeny of Fischer (F344/N) and Lewis (LEW/N) inbred rats for segregation analysis. These markers formed two linkage groups spanning, respectively, 58.1 cM and 4.0 cM. The first linkage group is comprised of two anonymous DNA loci and four genes with the following map order and distances: D6Cep8 (previously D3)-17.9 cM-D6Arb309-2.5 cM-Vsnl1 (neural visinin-like protein)-20.4 cM-Prkar2b (type IIb regulatory subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase)-8.8 cM-Fkhl1 (forkhead-like transcription factor BF-1)-8.5 cM-Rnu1c (18-3A U1 RNA). The second linkage group is comprised of one gene, Ckb (creatine kinase, brain) and one anonymous DNA locus, D6Arb54, separated by 4.0 cM. For each marker, two to eight alleles were detected in a panel of 16 inbred rat strains (ACI/N, BN/SsN, BUF/N, DA/Bk1, F344/N, LER/N, LEW/N, LOU/MN, MNR/N, MR/N, SHR/N, SR/Jr, SS/Jr, WBB1/N, WBB2/N, and WKY/N). Comparative mapping information indicated that rat chromosome 6 exhibits syntenic conservation with mouse chromosome 12. Homologs of the rat chromosome 6 loci have been identified on human chromosomes 2, 7, and 14.[1]


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