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A population survey on the prevalence of diabetes in Kin-Hu, Kinmen.

OBJECTIVE--To investigate the prevalence of non-insulin-dependent-diabetes mellitus in Kin-Hu, Kinmen. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS--This is a community-based population survey. The target population are residents > or = 30 years of age in Kin-Hu, Kinmen, according to the official household registry in 1990. Face to face interviews were conducted by the Yang-Ming Crusade in 1991 using a structured questionnaire. Fasting blood samples were drawn by public health nurses, and a 75-g oral glucose tolerance test was performed for definite diagnosis of diabetes. RESULTS--There were 4,097 eligible subjects (2,026 men and 2,071 women), and 3,236 had complete fasting plasma glucose data (1,536 men and 1,700 women). The response rate was 79% (76% for men and 82% for women). The age-specific response rates were 81% for the 30- to 39-year and 50- to 59-year age-groups, 84% for the 40- to 49-year age-group, and 69% for the > or = 60-year age-group. The crude prevalence of diabetes in Kin-Hu was 6.5% (2.0% previous and 4.5% new). With the standard world population of Segi, the age-adjusted prevalence rate was 4.9% (4.5% for men and 5.4% for women). The prevalence rate of diabetes increased significantly with age. The prevalence of previously diagnosed diabetes accounted for less than one third of the total rate. CONCLUSIONS--The population survey in Kin-Hu, Kinmen, had a high response rate of 79%. The crude prevalence rate of diabetes was 6.5%, and the age-adjusted prevalence rate was 4.9%. The low ratio of previously diagnosed to newly diagnosed diabetic cases may be due to lack of public awareness and medical services in this community.[1]


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