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Anti-HIV michellamines from Ancistrocladus korupensis.

Here we report details of the isolation and determination of the absolute configurations and comparative anti-HIV activities of novel, atropisomeric naphthylisoquinoline alkaloid dimers, michellamines A, B, and C, from a newly described species of Ancistrocladus from the Korup rainforest of Cameroon. We further provide a more extensive analysis of the range of anti-HIV activity of michellamine B, the most potent and abundant member of the series. Michellamine B inhibited HIV-induced cell killing and viral replication in a variety of human cell lines, as well as in cultures of human peripheral blood leukocytes and monocytes. Michellamine B was active against a panel of biologically diverse laboratory and clinical strains of HIV-1, including the AZT-resistant strain G910-6 and the pyridinone-resistant strain A17; the compound also inhibited several strains of HIV-2.[1]


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