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Chemical Compound Review

Michellamine A     (1S,3S)-5-[3-[4-[(1S,3S)-6,8- dihydroxy-1,3...

Synonyms: Michellamine B, CHEMBL325222, CHEBI:66385, CHEBI:66386, NSC649324, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS-003609

  • HIV replication in cells in which infection was already fully established or in chronically infected cells was unaffected by michellamine B [1].

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Anatomical context of AIDS-003609


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS-003609

  • Preliminary results show that MEKC with LIF is feasible for the sensitive detection of michellamine B in serum [5].
  • A refined, three-step process (solvent-solvent partitioning, centrifugal partition chromatography and HPLC) has been developed and applied to the scaled-up production of michellamine B for preclinical drug development [6].
  • Determination of michellamine B in biological fluids by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection [7].


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