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Dentist's occupational allergic contact dermatitis caused by coconut diethanolamide, N-ethyl-4-toluene sulfonamide and 4-tolyldiethanolamine.

Dental personnel are exposed to many sensitizing compounds at work and often develop multiple delayed allergies. Here we report on a dentist who got sensitized to several products that have not, or only seldom, caused sensitization earlier. These products were: coconut diethanolamide from her handwashing liquids, N-ethyl-4-toluene sulfonamide, a resin carrier in dental materials for isolating cavities underneath restorations, and 4-tolyldiethanolamine, an accelerator for inducing polymerization of dental acrylic resins at room temperature. The patient also had allergic patch test reactions to formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde resin, fragrance mix, and lauryl monoethanolamide, possibly from occupational exposure.[1]


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