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Hippocampal changes in developing postnatal mice following intrauterine exposure to domoic acid.

Domoic acid (0.6 mg/kg) was injected intravenously through the caudal vein in pregnant female mice on the 13th day of gestation and EEG was monitored in the developing progeny during postnatal days 10-30. No clinical seizure activity was observed during this period. However, these mice demonstrated generalized electrocortical inhibition associated with diffuse spike and wave activity in their basal EEG records. Intrauterine domoic acid-exposed (IUD) mice had significantly reduced seizure thresholds to an additional dose of domoic acid, given postnatally. At the light microscopic level, hippocampus of IUD mice exhibited age related developmental neurotoxicity. No cellular damage was observed on postnatal day 1. On day 14, severe neuronal damage was observed in the hippocampal CA3 and dentate gyrus regions. On day 30, in addition to CA3 and dentate gyrus, CA4 was also involved. Brain regional GABA levels were significantly reduced and glutamate levels increased in IUD mice. Kainate receptor binding to hippocampal synaptosomal membranes from IUD mice at 30 d of age was significantly increased. There was also an enhanced 45Ca influx into cortical and hippocampal slices of these mice. These findings suggest that intrauterine exposure to domoic acid can induce hippocampal excitotoxicity by increasing the neuronal calcium influx through kainate receptor activation. Histological changes suggest progressive hippocampal damage in IUD mice, but without overt clinical seizures.[1]


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