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Effect of ipriflavone on expression of markers characteristic of the osteoblast phenotype in rat bone marrow stromal cell culture.

The effects of ipriflavone on cellular proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts were investigated using stromal cells isolated from the femoral bone marrow of young rats. To induce the formation of mineralized bone-like tissue in vitro, the cells were cultured in the presence of beta-glycerophosphate and dexamethasone. Ipriflavone was added when subculturing was started. After 14 days of culturing with ipriflavone (10(-7)-10(-5) M), increases in both the alkaline phosphatase activity and the hydroxyproline content per culture dish and a slight decrease in the saturated cell density were observed. Furthermore, continuous treatment with ipriflavone for 14-33 days resulted in an increase in the area of bone-like mineralized tissue accompanied by an increase in the secretion of osteocalcin. When culture medium lacking dexamethasone was used, rat bone marrow stromal cells neither differentiated into osteoblasts nor formed bone-like tissue, and under these conditions, ipriflavone had no effect on the proliferation or the phenotypic expression of the cells. These results suggest that ipriflavone directly stimulates markers of the osteoblast phenotype at a certain stage in bone formation without affecting undifferentiated cells that have not been committed to the osteogenic lineage.[1]


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