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C3b inactivator in the rheumatic diseases. Measurement by radial immunodiffusion and by inhibition of formation of properdin pathway C3 convertase.

C3b inactivator (C3bINA) has been measured in biologic fluids by radial immunodiffusion using a monospecific antiserum prepared in rabbits, and by a hemolytic assay which measures the reduction in the capacity of EAC43 cells bearing limited C3b sites to form C3B, the alternative pathway C3 convertase. The radial immunodiffusion and hemolytic assays show a good correlation (r = 0.86 P less than 0.001). Measurement of C3bINA concentrations in the sera of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus showed that during exacerbations of disease activity C3bINA concentrations tended to be lower, usually in association with reductions in C4, C3, factor B, and properdin, and sometimes with reductions of the alternative pathway proteins, factor B, and properdin alone. Supranormal values for C3bINA were found in the sera of 14 of 20 patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis and 3 of 9 seronegative patients, but none of 7 patients with degenerative joint disease. Synovial fluid concentrations of C3bINA, after correction for total synovial fluid protein and serum concentration of the enzyme, were significantly reduced in patients with rheumatoid arthritis compared to patients with degenerative joint disease (P less than 0.05). In both serum and synovial fluid from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, there was a good correlation between the concentrations of C3bINA and those of C3, factor B, and properdin, but not that of C4, suggesting that levels of C3bINA may serve to modulate recruitment of the properdin amplification loop in this disease.[1]


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