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Joint Diseases

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Disease relevance of Joint Diseases


High impact information on Joint Diseases

  • All offspring develop a joint disease highly reminiscent of RA in man [6].
  • These agents also may be useful in degenerative joint disease and ankylosing spondylitis and as analgesics and antipyretics; however, there are insufficient data available to establish their efficacy and dosages for these uses [7].
  • We report here that B27 transgenic rats raised in a germfree environment do not develop inflammatory intestinal or peripheral joint disease, whereas the skin and genital inflammatory lesions are unaffected by the germfree state [8].
  • These observations implicate HBGF-1 in a multitude of biological functions in inflammatory joint diseases [9].
  • Experimental injection of hydroxyapatite crystals into dog knee joints produces inflammation supporting the potential role for these crystals in joint disease [10].

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