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Ultrastructural analysis of Drosophila ovarian follicles differing in yolk polypeptide ( yps) composition.

Drosophila ovarian follicles were examined ultrastructurally to study the vesicular traffic in the cortical ooplasm. The endocytic pathway leading to the production of yolk spheres was visualized following in vivo or in vitro exposure to peroxidase. The Golgi apparatus and the yolk spheres of wild-type ovarian follicles were preferentially labelled by fixation with osmium zinc iodide (OZI). Labelling of wild-type ovarian follicles was compared to that of several mutant follicles--L186/Basc, fs(2)A17 and ap4--which are defective in vitellogenesis. In these mutants, the Golgi apparatus and the vesicles nearby were either scantly labelled or not labelled at all. In oocytes from flies homozygous for the gene fs(1)1163, the Golgi apparatus was labelled as in the controls, but no yolk spheres appeared to be labelled with OZI at any of the developmental stages. In several Drosophila strains, the pattern of OZI label in the cortical ooplasm was seen to vary in relation to the number of yp structural genes. In starved Drosophila females, OZI labelling of the cortical ooplasm appeared restricted to the Golgi apparatus and to an extended tubular network. A similar labelling pattern was also detected in in vitro cultured vitellogenic follicles. Refeeding, topical application of juvenile hormone analogue to starved females or hormone addition to the culture medium, all caused the yolk spheres to become labelled with OZI and to incorporate peroxidase. These observations prove that impairing endocytic uptake by either mutation or lack of juvenile hormone prevents fusion of coated vesicles and tubules with the yolk spheres and leads them instead to form an intermediate cell compartment with Golgi-derived vesicles.[1]


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