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Androgenic regulation of glycolytic and HMP pathway in epididymis and vas deferens of rhesus monkey.

The androgenic regulation of the eleven enzymes of glycolytic pathway and two key enzymes of HMP pathway was studied in the initial segment, caput, corpus and cauda regions of the epididymis and in the vas deferens of rhesus monkey. The specific activities of enzymes were expressed as units of activity per mg DNA. Results in control animals indicate a marked difference in energy metabolism of epididymis and vas deferens. However, the epididymal duct itself did not show much regional variation in enzyme activities along its length. All the enzymes of the two pathways studied showed significant reduction after castration, the regulatory enzymes being affected more severely. On treatment with exogenous dihydrotestosterone, most of these enzymes showed stimulation in castrated monkeys, but none of them could be restored to normal level. The stimulation of these enzymes on treatment with exogenous dihydrotestosterone varied along the epididymal duct itself being maximum in the initial segment and minimum in the cauda region. The changes in the vas deferens were less marked as compared to the epididymis following castration and androgen replacement.[1]


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