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Gastric fistula following splenectomy: its cause and prevention.

Gastro-cutaneous fistula following splenectomy, a rare but serious occurrence, may result in death or prolonged disability. Six previous cases have been reported in detail, while 8 others have been mentioned briefly. The current report reviews the literature and describes 4 additional instances of this complication. Two of the 4 patients died. Sever factors, acting singly or incombination, may predispose to the development of post-splenectomy gastrocutaneous fistulas. These include direct surgical trauma to the gastric wall, generalized arteriosclerotic disease, hematoma in the gastrosplenic omentum, and reflection of gastric muscle fibers into the gastrosplenic ligament. The usual site of rupture of stomach is along the greater curvature in the fundic portion. In circumstances in which splenectomy is associated with known or suspected compromise of the blood supply to this portion of the stomach, a method of enfolding the greater curvature is proposed to prevent the development of a gastro-cutaneous fistula. Awareness of the possibility of this uncommon but serious complication will aid in its early recognition and treatment.[1]


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