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Potentiation of the response to vasopressin (pitressin) by treatment with a combination of chlorpropamide and chlorothiazide in Brattleboro rats with hereditary hypothalamic diabetes insipidus.

1 The effect of a combination of chloropropamide and chlorothiazide in Brattleboro rats with hereditary hypothalamic diabetes insipidus (DI) treated with low doses of vasopressin (Pitressin tannate in oil) was investigated with particular reference to the time course of response from the initiation of treatment. 2 Analysis of the relationship between water intake and body weight indicated no real correlation and body weight accounted for only 4.4% of the variation in water intake. It was therefore decided to use whole body responses as the index in preference to the response per unit body weight. 3 The daily administration of 5 mg chlorpropamide combined with chlorothiazide in the drinking water (4 mg/1) to Pitressin-treated DI rats potentiated the response to small doses of vasopressin (25 and 50 mu Pitressin/24 hours). Water intake was reduced by the drug combination by an average of 12.35 ml/24 h, but only on the second day of treatment was the decrease of any real magnitude (30 ml/24 h but otherwise 9 ml/24 h or less). Analysis of urine volume measurements gave similar results to those obtained for water intake and the potency ratio measured in terms of free water clearance was 1.26 (agreeing closely with the ratio for water intake which was 1.24). 4 A reduction in the solute excretion was observed only in those DI rats treated with the higher dose of Pitressin (50 mu/24 h) combined with the two drugs. 5 Possible reasons for the discrepancy between the effect of the combination of chlorpropamide and chlorathiazide on water metabolism in the DI rat and the DI patient are discussed.[1]


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