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Rapid diagnosis of enterovirus infection by magnetic bead extraction and polymerase chain reaction detection of enterovirus RNA in clinical specimens.

We describe a rapid method for extraction and detection of enterovirus RNA in clinical samples. By using magnetic bead technology, enterovirus RNA was efficiently and rapidly extracted from cerebrospinal fluid, stool, saliva, blood, pericardial fluid, urine, and cryopreserved or formalin-fixed solid tissue. Enterovirus RNA was then detected by reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction amplification with primers designed to allow detection of most enterovirus serotypes. For detection of enteroviruses in specimens from patients with acute enteroviral disease, the overall sensitivity of enzymatic RNA amplification was greater than that of cell culture isolation, especially in blood specimens and in stool specimens from patients with acute cardiac disease. Enterovirus RNA was also detected in cryopreserved and archival formalin-fixed myocardial tissue from patients with acute myocarditis and chronic dilated cardiomyopathy. The ability to study archival specimens is of particular value in conducting retrospective investigation. The RNA extraction procedure used was considerably faster than extraction methods using organic reagents, used less hazardous reagents, and was of similar sensitivity. This detection protocol may therefore be useful both for the diagnosis of enterovirus infection and in studying the pathogenesis of acute and chronic enterovirus-induced disease.[1]


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