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Expression of the human neuropeptide tyrosine Y1 receptor.

Neuropeptide tyrosine (NPY) is the predominant peptide in the innervation of many human tissues and is considered to play a role in the regulation of blood flow, gastrointestinal secretion and motility, and renal function. Three NPY receptors have been identified ( Y1, Y2, and Y3) and the cDNAs encoding the human Y1 and bovine Y3 receptors have recently been cloned. We have demonstrated the expression of the Y1 receptor subtype in several fetal and adult human tissues, including the colon, kidney, adrenal gland, heart, and placenta. A single transcript was identified (approximately 2.2 kb) and localized in tissue sections by in situ hybridization. In the colon the receptor is expressed in the mucosa and basal glands, as well as the myenteric and submucous plexuses. Y1 receptor mRNA was detected in renal collecting ducts, loop of Henle, and juxtaglomerular apparatus and in the syncytiotrophoblast layer of placental villi. Fetal aorta and adult intramyocardial, colonic, and renal blood vessels also exhibited receptor expression, localized to the intima as well as the media. The distribution of Y1 receptor expression correlates with that of NPY-immunoreactive nerves and the apparent actions of NPY in the intestine, kidney, and heart. Although the placenta is devoid of nerves, an NPY-like transcript was detected in the villous trophoblast layer. The results indicate a tissue-specific regulation of NPY Y1 receptor expression.[1]


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