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Probing the pyrophosphate-binding site in potato tuber UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase with pyridoxal diphosphate.

Potato tuber UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (EC catalyzes the reversible uridylyl transfer from UDP-glucose to MgPPi forming glucose 1-phosphate and MgUTP, according to an ordered bi-bi mechanism in which UDP-glucose and MgPPi bind in this order. To probe the active site of this enzyme, we have applied pyridoxal 5'-diphosphate, a reactive PPi analogue. The enzyme was rapidly inactivated when incubated with the reagent in the presence of Mg2+ followed by sodium borohydride reduction. The degree of the inactivation was decreased by MgUTP, MgPPi, and glucose 1-phosphate, but enhanced by UDP-glucose. The enhancement was prevented by co-addition of Pi, the competitive inhibitor with respect to PPi. The complete inactivation corresponded to the incorporation of 0.9-1.1 mol of reagent/ mol of enzyme monomer. In the presence of UDP-glucose, labels were almost exclusively incorporated into Lys-329. Thus, this residue may be located near the bound MgPPi and its modification is promoted, probably through conformational changes, by the binding of UDP-glucose to the enzyme. The results of the modification by the same reagent of the mutant enzymes in which Lys-329 and Lys-263 are individually replaced by Gln suggest the roles of these lysyl residues in the binding of MgPPi and in the UDP-glucose-induced conformational changes, respectively.[1]


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