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Synthesis of glycoproteins in the Golgi complex of the mouse gallbladder epithelium during fasting, refeeding, and gallstone formation. A light microscopic autoradiographic and quantitative electron microscopic study.

The mouse gallbladder epithelium was studied with light microscopic autoradiography and quantitative electron microscopy during fasting, refeeding and experimental gallstone formation. To determine the intracellular pathway of glycoproteins, H3-galactose was injected at different time intervals into the mice. At 10, 25 and 40 min after an intraperitoneal injection the gallbladders were fixed and prepared for light microscopy. As early as 10 min after injection, label was observed in supranuclear cytoplasmic regions and at 25 min, an increased radioactivity was present throughout the apical cytoplasm. At 40 min, silver grains were mainly present at the cell surface. Autoradiographs processed 25 min after an intraperitoneal H3-galactose injection after fasting for 48 h showed decreased supranuclear and apical radioactivity. After refeeding (12 h) there was an enhanced activity in both these regions. Animals fed a lithogenic diet for one month showed a marked increase of radioactive label mainly in cells of crypts and invaginations of the mouse gallbaldder mucosa. Morphometric measurements of the Golgi apparatus revealed that deprivation of food significantly dimished the volume density of the Golgi apparatus. Refeeding the amimals restored the volume density values to normal levels, In the course of gallstone formation there was a further significant increase in the volume density of the Golgi complexes as compared to controls.[1]


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