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Purification of an autocrine growth factor homologous with mouse epithelin precursor from a highly tumorigenic cell line.

PC cell line is a highly tumorigenic insulin-independent variant from the teratoma-derived adipogenic cell line 1246. Culture medium of PC cells contains a growth promoting activity for 3T3 cells and producer cells. PC cell-derived growth factor (PCDGF) was purified to homogeneity from PC cell-conditioned medium as an apparent 88-kDa protein by chromatography on heparin-Sepharose, Sephacryl S-200, and phenyl-Sepharose. Digestion with peptide-N-glycosidase F yielded an apparent 68-kDa protein component indicating that PCDGF is a glycoprotein containing about 20 kDa of carbohydrate. Partial sequence from Edman degradation of peptide fragments obtained by digestion of PCDGF with cyanogen bromide and trypsin demonstrates that PCDGF contains regions of sequence identity to that deduced from the granulin or epithelin precursor cDNAs. Granulins are small polypeptides purified from granulocyte extracts with no apparent biological functions. Epithelins are cell growth modulators purified as small molecular mass 6-kDa polypeptides from kidney extracts. The existence of a large molecular mass precursor for granulin or epithelin has been predicted based upon recently cloned cDNAs encoding these biomolecules within a 63.5-kDa protein with putative glycosylation sites. No biological activity has previously been attributed to the precursor. The present results indicate that PCDGF is a potential precursor for epithelin and/or granulin, that this 88-kDa protein is secreted and glycosylated, and that it can function as a mitogen for 3T3 cells as well as an autocrine growth factor for PC cells.[1]


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