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Nasopharyngeal conidiobolomycosis in a horse.

Nasopharyngeal conidiobolomycosis caused by Conidiobolus coronatus was diagnosed in a horse after endoscopic and histopathologic examinations of a biopsy specimen. The fungal lesions in the nasopharynx were substantially reduced in size after intralesional injection of amphotericin B through the biopsy channel of a videoendoscope in combination with i.v. administration of sodium iodide and oral administration of potassium iodide during a 2-month period. Endoscopy performed 15 months after initial examination revealed regression of the granulomatous masses in the nasopharynx and complete disappearance of the nasal masses. Two months later, clinical signs recurred, and the owner elected euthanasia without evaluation and treatment. Nasopharyngeal conidiobolomycosis may be treated successfully with intralesional injection of amphotericin B in combination with administration of sodium iodide and potassium iodide, but there is a possibility of recrudescence of infection.[1]


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