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Interferon-inducible protein-10 involves vascular smooth muscle cell migration, proliferation, and inflammatory response.

Interferon-inducible protein-10 ( IP-10) is a member of the C-X-C chemokine family. Using mRNA differential display, we isolated a rat homologue to murine and human IP-10 from lipopolysaccharide-stimulated carotid arteries. Our studies demonstrated that IP-10 is a potent mitogenic and chemotactic factor for vascular smooth muscle cells, the critical features of smooth muscle cells for their contribution to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and restenosis. IP-10 induced a concentration-dependent stimulation of DNA synthesis, cell proliferation, and cell migration of rat aortic smooth muscle cells. A concentration- and time-dependent IP-10 mRNA induction was observed in lipopolysaccharide- or interferon-gamma-stimulated, but not interleukin-1beta- or tumor necrosis factor-alpha-stimulated smooth muscle cells. A marked synergistic effect on IP-10 mRNA expression was observed when smooth muscle cells were challenged with interferon-gamma together with interleukin-1beta or tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Furthermore, IP-10 mRNA expression was induced in the rat carotid artery after balloon angioplasty. The mitogenic and chemotactic features of IP-10 for smooth muscle cells, along with its discrete induction in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells and in carotid arteries after balloon angioplasty (neointima formation) suggest that IP-10 may play an active and distinct role in vascular remodeling processes.[1]


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