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Direct activation of trpl cation channels by G alpha11 subunits.

G proteins of the Gq/11 subfamily functionally couple cell surface receptors to phospholipase C beta (PLC beta) isoforms. Stimulation of PLC beta induces Ca2+ elevation by inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (InsP3)-mediated Ca2+ release and store-dependent 'capacitative' Ca2+ entry through Ca(2+)-permeable channels. The Drosophila trp gene, as well as some human trp homologs, code for such store-operated channels. The related trp-like (trpl) gene product also forms a Ca(2+)-permeable cation channel, but is not activated by store depletion. Co-expression of the constitutively active Gq subfamily member G alpha 11 (G alpha 11) with trpl enhanced trpl currents 33-fold in comparison with co-expression of trpl with other G alpha isoforms or G beta gamma complexes. This activation could not be attributed to signals downstream of PLC beta. In particular, InsP3 infusion, modulation of protein kinase C activity or elevation of intracellular calcium concentration failed to induce trpl currents. In contrast, purified G alpha 11 (but not other G protein subunits) activated trpl channels in inside-out patches. We conclude that trpl is regulated by G11 proteins in a membrane-confined manner not involving cytosolic factors. Thus, G proteins of the Gq subfamily may induce Ca2+ entry not only indirectly via store-operated mechanisms but also by directly stimulating cation channels.[1]


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