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Chemoreceptors expressed in taste, olfactory and male reproductive tissues.

We have identified three genes encoding previously uncharacterized chemoreceptors expressed in rat sensory and reproductive tissues using a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction strategy. Degenerate oligonucleotides designed from conserved sequences in the rat olfactory receptor gene family were used to amplify candidate receptor gene products expressed in taste tissue. Sequence analysis of three distinct clonal isolates revealed that the gene products from taste bud were 30-75% identical to previously identified olfactory receptor genes. The genomic coding sequences predicted protein structures with seven membrane spanning regions that have strong conservation relative to other members of the G-protein-coupled olfactory receptor gene family. Transcripts for each of the three gene products were detected exclusively in taste, olfactory and male reproductive tissue. Sequence analysis of the polymerase chain reaction products confirmed that identical transcripts were expressed in all three tissues. These findings are the first demonstration that identical olfactory receptor-like gene are expressed in three distinct tissues.[1]


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