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A tract-tracing study of the central projections of the mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminus in the guppy (Lebistes reticulatus, teleostei), with some observations on the descending trigeminal tract.

We studied the central projections of the mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve (MesV) in the guppy (Lebistes reticulatus), after application of horseradish peroxidase or fluorescein dextran amine into the eye orbit. A small number (1 to 13) of large mesencephalic trigeminal neurons were solid labeled in the ipsilateral rostral mesencephalon. At the level of the trigeminal nerve entrance, the united process of each mesencephalic trigeminal cell bifurcates, giving rise to a peripheral branch that exits in the trigeminal nerve and a descending branch that runs caudally in a medial bundle separated from the descending trigeminal tract. This bundle passes close to the visceromotor nuclei of the medulla oblongata. Descending processes give rise to short collaterals to the descending nucleus of the trigeminus and the ventrolateral reticular area. Most MesV descending fibres terminate in this ventrolateral field at the transition of the medulla to the spinal cord, but one or two fibres could be followed to the C6 level, where they give rise to collaterals to the dorsal funicular nucleus. No collaterals directed to the trigeminal motor nucleus, the cerebellum, or the mesencephalic tegmentum were observed. These projections were also compared with those of the descending trigeminal tract.[1]


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