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Sequence and transcriptional analysis of clpX, a class-III heat-shock gene of Bacillus subtilis.

The nucleotide sequence of clpX, which is localized between the tig ( trigger factor) and the lon (ATP-dependent protease) genes at 245 degrees on the standard Bacillus subtilis (Bs) genetic map, was determined. The putative clpX gene codes for a 46-kDa protein of 421 amino acid (aa) residues. A comparison of the deduced aa sequence with those of the recently described bacterial clpX gene products from Synechocystis sp., Escherichia coli (Ec), Haemophilus influenzae and Azotobacter vinelandii revealed strong similarities. However, in contrast to Ec, clpX and clpP of Bs are located at different loci on the chromosome and are transcribed as monocistronic genes. A heat-inducible sigma A-like promoter was mapped upstream of the clpX structural gene, but no CIRCE element, characteristic of class-I heat-shock genes (e.g., groESL and dnaK), was found between the transcriptional and translational start sites. Although the majority of the heat-inducible general stress genes in Bs are under the control of the alternative sigma factor, sigma B, the heat induction of clpX appears to be sigma B-independent. The latter indicates that clpX belongs to class-III heat-inducible genes.[1]


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