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Nuclear targeting of incoming human foamy virus Gag proteins involves a centriolar step.

The pathways used in the transport of retroviral genomes to the nucleus are poorly identified. Analyzing the intracellular localization of incoming foamy viruses, we have found that the Gag antigens and the viral genome accumulate in a distinct perinuclear domain identified as the centrosome. Colchicine treatment completely abolished pericentriolar targeting of human foamy virus (HFV) proteins, suggesting a role for microtubules in the transport of the incoming viral proteins to the centrioles. Finally, we demonstrate that, similarly to human immunodeficiency virus DNA, HFV DNA can enter the nucleus of G1/S-phase-arrested cells, although no viral gene expression can be observed. Recent observations have demonstrated that foamy viruses have several features not shared by other retroviruses. The intracellular route of the incoming Gag antigens may constitute a new specificity of this class of viruses.[1]


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