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A case report of Cheyletiella infestation on a Whippet dog in Korea.

A clinical case of Cheyletiella infestation on a dog born and raised in Korea is reported. A three-year old female Whippet was hospitalized due to a multiple fracture and displacement of the left scapula caused by a recent car accident. The mite infestation was not noticed at the time of hospitalization. The dog underwent multiple operations involving internal fixation of the fractured scapula with wire and a plate, followed by extensive chemotherapy with antibiotics and prednisolone. After two months of hospitalization, a pruritic dermatitis near the left scapula developed. Multiple white dandruff-like flakes were seen on the hair coat, especially over the dorsal spine and neck, and the dog expressed increased pruritus by frequently licking and scratching the affected areas. Local dense accumulations of skin debris that became crusty were also observed. Microscopic examination of a skin scraping revealed a heavy infestation of cheyletiella yasguri, as identified by the presence of hoks of the palpi and the heart-shaped sensory organ on genu I. Immunosuppression elicited by the extensive administration of prednisolone was suspected for the initiation of the generalized mite infestation.[1]


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