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The novel human HNF-3/fork head-like 5 gene: chromosomal localization and expression pattern.

Analysis of cDNA clones, isolated from a human fetal brain cDNA library, that hybridized with the rat HNF-3 alpha fork head homolog domain revealed the 3.6-kb HFKL5 cDNA. The transcript of HFKL5 is 4.4 kb long and represents a novel member of the HNF-3/fork head transcription factor family. Comparison of the amino acid sequence of the fork head domain reveals a relatively low level of homology to other members of this family of genes, the closest related sequence being rat HFH7 with 68% homology. The HFKL5 cDNA codes for a putative 500-amino-acid protein. Southern analysis revealed that the HFKL5 gene homolog is present as a single copy in the human genome. Zoo Southern analysis showed strong evolutionary conservation of HFKL5 among mammalian and possibly avian species. Expression of HFKL5 in neurons is restricted to the fully differentiated neurons in fetal and adult brain as well as in the parasympathic ganglia of the small intestine. We also observed expression in lymphocytes, kidney tubule cells, and a subset of hepatocytes. The HFKL5 gene homolog was mapped to chromosome 22q13-qter by cell panel hybridization.[1]


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