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Isolated-organ perfusion for local gene delivery: efficient adenovirus-mediated gene transfer into the liver.

Targeted gene delivery is essential for gene therapy involving in vivo gene transfer. In the present study we analyzed the efficiency and tissue-specificity of gene transfer into the liver with recombinant adenoviruses. Adenovirus vectors carrying the E. coli lacZ gene (Ad.RSV.beta-gal) and the firefly luciferase gene (AdCMV-luc) as reporters were administered to the liver of adult Wistar rats, either via infusion into the portal vein (intraportal infusion; IPI) or via perfusion of the vascularity isolated liver (isolated liver perfusion; ILP). Ex vivo liver perfusion experiments with Ad.RSV. beta-gal were used to optimize the conditions for hepatic gene transfer. Ex vivo perfusion of rat livers with 2 x 10(9) plaque forming units (p.f.u) Ad RSV.beta-gal was sufficient to infect about 20% of the liver parenchymal cells. Perfusion with chelating agents (1 mM EGTA, or 2 mM EDTA) prior to the administration of the vector increased the efficiency to at least 40%. Similar efficiencies were obtained in experiments with liver lobes of Rhesus monkeys. In vivo administration of AdCMV-luc via ILP resulted in a significantly more efficient (P = 0.028) and also more reproducible gene transfer when compared to IPI. Although detectable in both groups, extrahepatic luciferase expression was considerably reduced in the ILP group. Our data demonstrate that IPL can be used for efficient and reproducible liver-specific gene delivery. Therefore, we think that the perfusion of vascularly isolated organs is useful as a modality for the tissue-specific administration of recombinant adenovirus vectors.[1]


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