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Sequence analysis of a 37.6 kbp cosmid clone from the right arm of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XII, carrying YAP3, HOG1, SNR6, tRNA-Arg3 and 23 new open reading frames, among which several homologies to proteins involved in cell division control and to mammalian growth factors and other animal proteins are found.

The nucleotide sequence of 37,639 bp of the right arm of chromosome XII has been determined. Twenty-five open reading frames (ORFs) longer than 300 bp were detected, two of which extend into the flanking cosmids. Only two (L2931 and L2961) of the 25 ORFs correspond to previously sequenced genes (HOG1 and YAP3, respectively). Another ORF is distinct from YAP3 but shows pronounced similarity to it. About half of the remaining ORFs show similarity to other genes or display characteristic protein signatures. In particular, ORF L2952 has striking homology with the probable cell cycle control protein crn of Drosophila melanogaster. L2949 has significant similarity to the human ZFM1 (related to a potential suppressor oncogene) and mouse CW17R genes, though it lacks the carboxy-terminal oligoproline and oligoglutamine stretches encoded by these mammalian genes. The small ORF L2922 is similar to part of the much larger yeast flocculation gene FLO1. Other sequences found in the 37639 bp fragment are one delta and one solo-sigma element, the tRNA-Arg3 gene, the small nuclear RNA gene SNR6 and three ARS consensus sequences.[1]


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