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CREB controls LAP/C/ EBP beta transcription.

LAP/C/ EBP beta is a member of the C/ EBP family of transcription factors and is involved in hepatocyte-specific gene expression. Recently we showed that, besides its posttranscriptional regulation, LAP/C/ EBP beta mRNA is modulated during liver regeneration. Therefore, in this study we investigated mechanisms which control LAP/C/ EBP beta gene transcription. Deletion analysis of the 5'-flanking region, located upstream of the start site of transcription in the LAP/C/ EBP beta gene, demonstrated that a small region in close proximity to the TATA box is important in maintaining a high level of transcription of the luciferase reporter gene constructs. In gel shift experiments two sites were identified which are important for specific complex formation within this region. Further analysis by cross-linking, super shift, and competition experiments was performed with liver cell nuclear extracts, hepatoma cell nuclear extracts, or recombinant CREB protein. These experiments conclusively demonstrated that CREB binds to both sites in the LAP/C/ EBP beta promoter with an affinity similar to that with the CREB consensus sequence. Transfection experiments with promoter constructs where the CREB sites were mutated showed that these sites are important to maintain both basal promoter activity and LAP/C/ EBP beta inducibility through CREB. Northern blot analysis and runoff transcription assays demonstrated that the protein kinase A pathway not only stimulated the activity of the luciferase reporter construct but also the transcription of the endogenous LAP/C/ EBP beta gene in different cell types. Western blot analysis of rat liver cell nuclear extracts and runoff transcription assays of rat liver cell nuclei after two-thirds hepatectomy showed a functional link between the induction of CREB phosphorylation and LAP/C/ EBP beta mRNA transcription during liver regeneration. These results demonstrate that the two CREB sites are important to control LAP/C/ EBP beta transcription in vivo. As several pathways control CREB phosphorylation, our results provide evidence for the transcriptional regulation of LAP/C/ EBP beta via CREB under different physiological conditions.[1]


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