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Possible evidence for endogenous production of a novel galanin-like peptide.

Galanin mRNA and peptide are not detectable in normal islets. We studied the effect of galanin antagonists on insulin secretion in the rat beta cell line, RIN5AH, and in perifused rat islets. In RIN cell membranes galanin and its antagonists showed high affinity for 125I-galanin binding sites [Kd: (galanin) 0.03+/-0.01; Ki for galanin antagonists: (C7) 0.12+/- 0.02, (M35) 0.21+/-0.04, and ( M40) 0.22+/-0.03 nM, mean+/- SEM, n = 4]. Galanin (1 microM) inhibited glucose-induced insulin release in islets (control 21.2+/-1.5 vs. galanin 4.5+/-0.2 fmol/islet per min, P < 0.001, n = 6) and RIN5AH cells (control 0.26+/-0.01 vs. galanin 0.15+/-0.02 pmol/10(6) cells per h, P < 0.001, n = 9). In RIN5AH cells, all antagonists blocked the inhibitory effects of galanin and stimulated insulin release in the absence of galanin. C7 and M40 (1 microM) alone significantly stimulated glucose-induced insulin secretion. Purified porcine galanin antibody (GAb) enhanced glucose-induced insulin release from islets (control 100+/- 16.3% vs. GAb 806.1+/-10.4%, P < 0.001, n = 6), and RIN5AH cells (control 100+/-9.6% vs. GAb 149+/-6.8%, P < 0. 01, n = 6). Western blotting of dexamethasone-treated islet extracts using GAb showed a specific band of similar molecular weight to porcine galanin not detected using a rat specific galanin antibody. One possible explanation for these results is the presence of an endogenous galanin-like peptide.[1]


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