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Substantial narrowing of the Niemann-Pick C candidate interval by yeast artificial chromosome complementation.

Niemann-Pick disease type C (NP-C) is an autosomal recessive lipidosis linked to chromosome 18q11-12, characterized by lysosomal accumulation of unesterified cholesterol and delayed induction of cholesterol-mediated homeostatic responses. This cellular phenotype is identifiable cytologically by filipin staining and biochemically by measurement of low-density lipoprotein-derived cholesterol esterification. The mutant Chinese hamster ovary cell line (CT60), which displays the NP-C cellular phenotype, was used as the recipient for a complementation assay after somatic cell fusions with normal and NP-C murine cells suggested that this Chinese hamster ovary cell line carries an alteration(s) in the hamster homolog(s) of NP-C. To narrow rapidly the candidate interval for NP-C, three overlapping yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) spanning the 1 centimorgan human NP-C interval were introduced stably into CT60 cells and analyzed for correction of the cellular phenotype. Only YAC 911D5 complemented the NP-C phenotype, as evidenced by cytological and biochemical analyses, whereas no complementation was obtained from the other two YACs within the interval or from a YAC derived from chromosome 7. Fluorescent in situ hybridization indicated that YAC 911D5 was integrated at a single site per CT60 genome. These data substantially narrow the NP-C critical interval and should greatly simplify the identification of the gene responsible in mouse and man. This is the first demonstration of YAC complementation as a valuable adjunct strategy for positional cloning of a human gene.[1]


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