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Synthesis of some 11C-labelled MAO-A inhibitors and their in vivo uptake kinetics in rhesus monkey brain.

Five potential MAO-A inhibitors--harmine, N-methyl-harmine, harmaline, brofaromine, and clorgyline--were labelled with 11C and their brain kinetics evaluated in vivo in rhesus monkey using PET. The compounds were synthesized by alkylation with 11C methyl iodide and obtained in 48-89% radiochemical yield within 40 to 45 min synthesis time and with specific radioactivities in the region of 0.49-2.4 Ci mumol-1 (18-87 GBq mumol-1) at the end of synthesis. The kinetic pattern after administration of MAO-A inhibitors was comparable to that seen in the tracer study when using 11C-brofaromine, 11C-harmaline, or 11C-clorgyline, although the magnitude of uptake markedly increased in the case of brofaromine and harmaline. Both 11C-methylharmine and 11C-harmine showed a significant washout in the inhibition studies. The kinetics of brain uptake with and without MAO-A inhibition is compatible with a significant fraction of the tracer bound to MAO-A for 11C-methylharmine and 11C-harmine, whereas 11C-brofaromine, 11C-harmaline, or 11C-clorgyline did not seem to show specific enzyme binding.[1]


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