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Ontogeny of angiotensin II receptors, types 1 and 2, in ovine mesonephros and metanephros.

By RNAse protection assay, hybridization histochemistry, and in vitro autoradiography it was shown that both mRNA and protein for AT1 and AT2 receptors were present in ovine fetal meso- and metanephroi at 40 days of gestation (term approximately 150 days). AT1 mRNA was localized to presumptive mesangial cells of glomeruli at 40-, 75-, 131-gestational-day-old fetuses and two-day-old lambs, in addition to being widely present in interstitial cells of the cortex and medulla, once these zones formed (60 days). By two days after birth the medullary AT1 distribution was confined to the inner stripe of the outer medulla. AT2 mRNA was present in peripheral interstitial/tissue of the mesonephros, and interstitial tissue surrounding developing glomeruli, but not the outermost nephrogenic mesenchyme in the metanephros from 40 to approximately 131 days (the period of active nephrogenesis). In addition, AT2 mRNA was localized to epithelial cells of the macula densa in metanephroi (40 to 131 gestational days) during, but not after completion, of nephrogenesis. These studies suggest that angiotensin II (Ang II) could have differentiating effects, via AT1 receptors, from very early in development. The unique epithelial site of AT2 expression in the macula densa raises the possibility that Ang II may play a role in the invariant positioning of the macula densa at the pole of its glomerulus, via this receptor.[1]


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